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"Magic Eye Scanner 1" — is a great app, with the help of which you can easily amaze anyone and draw that person‘s attention.
Works perfectly with the app "Magic Eye Scanner 2".
These two apps always work smoothly individually, but together they once and for all addle your spectator and leave no chances for doubts even to the biggest

Here is a very neat effect that will startle your friends, and start help you on your way to becoming a successful.
By using this app you can very easily attract people, impress them.
Eventually Pick Up girls :)
This is quite simply.

Since your phone is always with you...
With the installed app "Magic Eye Scanner 1" your phone turns into a weapon that wil disarm anyone.
You can be in the centre of attention in any company.
All you need to do is to start the "Magic Eye Scanner 1" and you will easily improve everyone‘s mood, entertain and amaze anyone.

Magic and tricks have always drawn attention.
A good trick every time leaves a spectator addled and amazed.
Most of the trick require special preparation and training.
"Magic Eye Scanner 1" works always and, what is most import, it works on its own.
All you need to do is to start the app and step by step to read aloud short instructions.
The demonstration method is very simple and the effect is astonishing.
All this is checked by time, as the "Magic Eye Scanner 1" is based on the trick developed by an American magician Henry Hardin in 1903.

Even nowadays it is widely included into the repertoire of modern famous magicians like: Dynamo and Lance Burton.
Virtual magician Marco Tempest surprise the audience by this trick with virtual cards.
We, "DiArchy", also included it in our TV show "DiArchy Code".
Amazing Card Trick (Interactive)

Lance Burton
Magic Princess Card Trick

Marco Tempest
LeWeb 2011 Marco Tempest, The Virtual Magician

TV show "DiArchy Code"
Princess Card Trick

In the art of magic the trick itself is not as important as its performance, demonstration.
We have changed the performance and demonstration of this trick by combining it with modern technologies.
This mental magic trick is a new take on an old classic.
The device reads the information from eye retina and accurately defines the person‘s choice.
Your device can get into the brain and read mind. This is what you can make others believe after showing them "Magic Eye Scanner 1".

It is not an entretainment for you.
It is not a game and you will not amuse wit it in the free time.
It is something more than that.
You will be amused by making others amazed after showing them the abilities of your device with the help of "Magic Eye Scanner 1".

Do you want to amaze friends or draw attention to yourself in order to make some new?
"Magic Eye Scanner 1" is developed specifically for this.
Try it out and you will make sure how simple and efficient it is!

Available on the Amazon Appstore for Android


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